September 1, 2022

Meet the... Pets? - Meet the Devs (IV)

Hello! Baby Robot Games pets here! Last week we skipped our ‘Meet the Devs’ blog because we were busy at Gamescom with our Shadow Merge video featuring in the Future Games Show - but when we got back to the office we found it had gone to the dogs! And the cats!

So, as a special bonus finale for the series, we’re very happy to introduce you to the Pets of the Devs of Ereban!

Bella - Elena Gómez (Environment Artist)

Bella arrived in our lives when she was seven months old. Her first family couldn't take care of her anymore so we decided to adopt her.

She has always been a calm dog and she likes to spend hours on the sofa with her owners to receive love and cuddles. She gets crazy around food and she may scratch your leg in order to ask for some ham, but obviously she has her own inside the fridge. However, she has to earn it sometimes so we’ve trained her to do some little tricks.

I like to call her princess because sometimes I feel like she is the owner of everything in the house, she has right of way around the whole place, she sleeps where she likes, etc… Oh, and don't you dare to give her bread only, she might not take it.

In conclusion, she is one more of the family and personally it's so good to have her close to you when you need to have a quick break from your duties. Although we lost some socks and flip flops during those years, it was totally worth it.

Charly - Andrea López Tur (Producer)

This is Charly! He's been with me for almost two years, and the truth is that he’s the result of a foster fail!

Since I’ve been volunteering as a foster home for a local animal shelter, it has always been fine when the cats leave for their new home. However, with Charly it was different: he stayed with me way longer than usual due to the pandemic and I fell in love with him, so in the end… I decided to adopt him myself!

He's a very good boi that scratches everywhere but never breaks anything, he plays a lot with his foster siblings, and always keeps me company! He also loves his wet food and attending our online meetings when I work from home hahaha.

Ciri - Alejandro Márquez (Game Director)

This is Ciri, a stray cat my brother rescued from the street. She was only weeks old, was missing part of her ear and had her belly wounded. However, as the character we named her after, she was tough and managed to survive, and lived with us for many wonderful years.

She was really playful (was known for her bites) and smart, and whenever we had a visit, she always wanted to be in the middle of the conversation. Also, as you see in the picture, she really loved to lay down in the sun.

Unfortunately, she left us during this development, but in our family we'll remember her forever <3

Cleo - Oriol Rubiano (Animation Director)

This is Cleo! She's a 9 years old jack russell and she's my niece.

During the day she's calm and friendly, but when night comes she transforms into a monster and starts barking at blind rollers and showing her teeths to anyone who wants to sit on the sofa too close to her. She's always the queen of wherever she is.

She hates firecrackers and other dogs, and loves the beach and unpacking presents. As you can see she always poses for photos, knowing she's a beauty. She even has an Instagram account!

Maya - Jessica Adam (3D Animator)

This is Maya! She's been with me and my family for over six years now, since we adopted her. 

She is like a shadow following me around wherever I am, keeping me company at all times. I adore those moments when I'm working, turn around to check on her and I can see her sleeping so peacefully, it soothes me to the soul. 

Sometimes we can see her, out of the blue, jumping on walls and running at lightning speed like she has been possessed or something - we need to be careful while stepping out of the room, or we might get run over by a crazy cat!

Niru - Fernando Barroso (Level Designer)

Adopted in Madrid after being found inside a trash can when she was just a baby, Niru started her second life by my side, and it didn’t take long until she embraced the Andalusian roots of her owner.

Highly sociable, when she’s not napping, she often asks for cuddles – even to strangers! She always gives them a warm welcome. Niru also loves to play, but ironically, she rarely uses the toys I buy her, and ends up entertaining herself with the first random thing she encounters.

Her personality brings peace and warmth at home, apart from lots of laughs, and she is one of those cats you always have to be ready if you want to capture her funny poses and bizarre behavior!

Roma and Tyrion - Juanlu Pinto (Art Director)

This is Roma (the fluffy shar pei) and Tyrion. We adopted Roma when she was 4 months old and Tyrion was 4 years old. Sadly, when they started getting along, Tyrion got sick and passed away. He was really funny, always outside the cage, running, jumping, eating frame doors (not that funny), sleeping in places where he could see us. He used to follow me everywhere, He was like our first dog. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Roma is one of a kind. When she arrived home, we were a bit concerned because she spent around 20 hours sleeping (she has the spirit of a Koala), apparently something normal for a puppy shar pei. But now that she’s 1 year old, she is not like that anymore. Now she sleeps around 18 hours. She’s the laziest and cutest dog of the neighborhood.

She loves being around other people and dogs. She’s really friendly. When she sees someone she knows, she runs to say hello moving her tail and butt. But watch out!! Sometimes she gets super excited and she starts biting (gently) your legs. She’s part of the family and part of the Baby Robot Team, coming to the office from time to time just to make our day funnier… for some of us…

Shira - Alberto Sánchez (Technical Director)

This is Shira. She's been part of my family for more than eight years. She was only a few weeks old when we found her alone, wandering the streets of my mother’s hometown. We immediately decided to adopt her and bring her back with us to Barcelona.

She is very friendly and never barks, even if she doesn't know you. While I am at home, she is always around me, following me everywhere. She enjoys our company, and we enjoy hers.

Although she is not a puppy anymore, she is still very playful and loves running and meeting other friends from our neighborhood to play together.

Well now you know the ENTIRE and extended Baby Robot Games team! Just in case you missed them, you can read more about the other team members here:

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Thanks everyone,

Baby Robot Devs

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