August 4, 2022

Baby Robot Games Team
Baby Robot Games Team
Baby Robot Games Team
Baby Robot Games Team
Baby Robot Games Team

Meet the Devs (I) - Design, Narrative & Production

Hello! Baby Robot Games devs here! We hope you’ve been having a great time since we announced Ereban: Shadow Legacy to the world. It was so exciting to see all your kind words, opinions and hype, thank you so much!

Today we’re starting a small series we’ve been wanting to do for a while now: a presentation of the team members! As you know, Baby Robot Games is a young and small indie studio. Right now, we’re twelve members in the core team, who we’ll be introducing over the next few weeks!

Today, we’ll be starting with the Design, Narrative and Production team. Meet Alex, Kristen, Fernando and Andrea!

Alejandro Márquez - Game Director

Picture of Alex Márquez, Co-founder and Game Director at Baby Robot GamesHi there! I'm Alex, one of the founders of Baby Robot Games and Game Director in Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

Many of my fondest memories are tied to videogames. From playing the original Prince of Persia with my dad when I was a kid, through memorable moments like defeating The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3, traversing the sea for the first time in TLoZ: Wind Waker or surviving the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2, up to my long sessions playing Overwatch, Rocket League or Minecraft with my friends, I knew I wanted to give back this same joy and memories to people out there. It was a bit later that I discovered what I wanted to be had an actual name: game designer. 

Little I knew by then that today, after a lot of effort, struggles (and of course some luck), I'd be surrounded by such a wonderful team and making a game like Ereban, which for a stealth lover like me, it's a dream come true. As a Game Director, my role here at Baby Robot Games is to make sure everybody is on the same page and every element of the game goes in the same direction to provide players the intended experience, while adapting to constraints, changes and ensuring the wellbeing of the team. 

We're all putting our hearts into Ereban and I think there's a lot of features people are going to love, but for me one of the most exciting is how one single mechanic, the Shadow Merge, can be used in any kind of playstyle and offer so many possibilities for players to experience. I really can't wait to see people experimenting and playing their own way with it!

Kristen McGorry - Narrative Director

Picture of Kristen McGorry, Narrative Director at Baby Robot GamesHello there! I’m Kristen, the Narrative Director of Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

From my first experience playing Castlevania II: Simon's Quest on my NES, I knew I wanted to make games. Story is something I am deeply passionate about and always have been. So it was natural to take my love of games and stories and bring them together. 

My first project as a writer was Fable Legends. The Fable series has always been very close to my heart as its trademark is quintessentially silly English humour. I got to create some entertaining characters, from the swashbuckling dandy Sterling to the deliciously devilish disembodied spirit trapped in cured armour, Malice. Sadly the game was canceled just before release, but I took everything I learned and channeled it into my work on Assassin’s Creed Origins and Valhalla. I even got a fart joke in.  

As the Narrative Director for Ereban, it's my job to make fascinating characters, a deeply engrossing story, and fun, surprising moments. So, no pressure. I am a big sci-fi fan and wanted to create something meaningful and relevant. 

My inspiration comes from writers such as Ray Bradbury, character-driven series such as The Expanse, and my favourite game of all time, Knights of the Old Republic. As a player I am so much more connected when narrative and characters are seamlessly woven into the gameplay. It creates a powerful, emotive experience. 

I am excited for people to play Ayana, as I hope she will be a complex and interesting person.

Fernando Barroso - Level Designer

Picture of Fernando Barroso, Level Designer at Baby Robot GamesHello! I’m Fernando, Level Designer on Ereban: Shadow Legacy. 

Either sketching labyrinths on a piece of paper or coming up with escape room ideas, creating playable spaces is something I’ve always found joy in doing. On the other hand, video games have been in my life for as long as I can remember, and the potential of the medium has never ceased to amaze me. Discovering they weren’t made with some sort of magic and the role of the level designer actually existed was a turning point for me, where I knew I had found my true passion.

Over the years I've developed a special love for stealth games, getting heavily inspired by their creative use of space and the often multiple approaches to beat their levels. In that regard, designing for Ereban is being a blast of a challenge. I’m in charge of making the most out of our unique gameplay features by building playgrounds in which to explore and have fun with all their possibilities. And the truth is, from combat encounters to platforming, the shadow merge mechanic offers countless interesting situations. I'm eager to see you playing around with them and hear your thoughts about the different levels yet to be discovered!

Andrea López Tur - Producer

Picture of Andrea López Tur, Producer at Baby Robot GamesHi everyone! I’m Andrea, the producer of Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

I started out in the industry as the game designer and narrative designer of an indie game I was developing with a friend and a few collaborators, a satirical internet simulator about social puzzles called The Pizza Situation. As it usually happens in such small indie teams, we ended up having to wear many hats. One of mine was taking care of the production and project management tasks and... I loved it! 

That’s why a few years later I joined Baby Robot Games as a full time producer. My role is to organize the tasks to make sure there’s time and resources for everything, that everyone has what they need and nothing blocks anything, and to keep the project’s big picture always in mind so that the team can focus on their tasks.

Still, whenever I can I help out Alex and Kristen with the game’s narrative design, as I still love it so much and I don’t think I could ever stay completely away from the creative side, especially of such a great game I think Ereban is becoming! I’m looking forward to seeing how the explorer players use the shadows to climb and sneak into all the hidden places and discover the details we are spreading out through the game!

And those were the first four members of the Baby Robot Games team! Soon we’ll be posting a new entry introducing the artists that are making the game look so beautiful: Juanlu, Brian, Alex, Elena and Emma!

In the meantime, please consider wishlisting Ereban: Shadow Legacy on Steam and follow us on twitter @BabyRobotGames - where we’ll be posting more content about the game!

Thank you all very much and we hope you like it!

- Baby Robot Games Team

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Baby Robot Games Team



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