April 10, 2024

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is Out Now on Steam

We can’t wait for you to embark on this adventure with Ayana, in her pursuit of the truth behind Helios and the lost race of the Ereban.

Ereban is our first game, and as could not be otherwise, is also our love letter to all those great stealth games we grew up with. Combining traditional stealth with the Shadow Merge mechanic and all its possibilities has been very challenging, but very fun to develop and play with too. 

We strongly encourage you to join our Discord server for bug reporting, technical support, dev updates, or just to chat with the team and the rest of the community.

Thank you so much for your support throughout these years: to the community, everyone involved in the project somehow, our friends and families. With its ups and downs, this has been an incredible journey!

We hope you enjoy the game in which we poured our hearts for the last 5 years

Buy Ereban: Shadow Legacy now on Steam.

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