June 27, 2024

Ereban: Shadow Legacy Difficulty Update is now LIVE!

Hi everyone!

It's been almost three months since the release of Ereban: Shadow Legacy and we're really happy with all the support and super useful feedback that you've given us. Thank you so much!

One of the most recurrent topics has been regarding the difficulty of the game. Some of you found the game too easy, while others found it too difficult. So, in order to make the game enjoyable for all playstyles, we're so excited to show you what we've been working on during the past month: new difficulty modes!

The objetive of this update is to adapt the gameplay to each of your preferences and previous experience with stealth. First time trying a stealth game? The easy mode is perfect for you. You've played plenty of stealth games before? The hard mode will provide a more challenging experience for you!

Besides, this update also includes a Hardcore mode for the most reckless players. This mode has the same settings as the Hard mode, BUT with permadeath and no saving options. Complete the full game in a row, the eight chapters without dying a single time, if you have the guts.

The difficulty mode can be selected after you start a New Game, changed from the Options Menu at any time, or selected from the Chapters Menu if you want to replay a chapter with a different difficulty mode. The Hardcore mode gets unlocked after you complete the game for the first time. If you had already completed the game before this update, you'll see the Hardcore mode is already available for you if you start a New Game.

Here are some of the parameters that change depending on the selected difficulty:

  • Enemy perception, reactivity and speed

  • Loot chances

  • Ability cooldowns and crafting costs

  • Grenades time, radious and rate, and smoke grenades stun time

  • Shadow Veil and Shadow Doom are less or more difficult to time to use

  • In Easy mode, there's no death by falling

  • In Hard mode, stamina only refills in shadows

  • New rank available in Hard mode (Golden S) and new achievement: getting a Golden S in all chapters

And here is the complete patch notes with the rest of fixes and adjustments that are included in this update:

  • Difficulty Update: it adds Easy, Hard and Hardcore difficulty modes. Each difficulty setting applies general tweaks to game mechanics and to the enemy perception and behavior.

  • Fixed a building in Chapter IV that you could go through

  • Fixed a bug that blocked looting enemies if the body was on a sewer

  • Fixed a bug where SYMs got stuck in front of an open door in Chapter V

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the SYMs from a sidequest in Chapter III to stay neutralized even if you died or restarted the checkpoint

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some minor materials to not be counted if you picked them up when replaying a chapter

  • We're also still working on a fix for the stuttering issue that happens in some computers. As soon as we manage to fix it, we'll update it and let you know.

To celebrate this update, and on the occasion of the Steam Summer Sale, for the first time the game has a 25% discount! This is the perfect moment to grab your copy of Ereban if you still don't have it, so don't miss out!

If you encounter any problem with this update, please email us to contact@babyrobotgames.com. We also recommend you join our Discord! We're pretty active there and it'll definitely be faster to solve any doubts you might have.

Thank you all, we hope you enjoy the new update!

  • Baby Robot Games

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